Blueys 200 series GX


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Jan 3, 2014
Tow test today was going to Ballarat but a more realistic test was up the Hume hwy as ballarat is all up hill i know the car will pull van up anything but for a real test hume was the go
Did 360ks up to Euroa and back and went to farmers market at Avanel car went soooooo good very happy with it @rags i must say i have 2 car seats for the kids in prado i carnt realy fit between them i can but no way can i put on seat belt can only last half hr squashed in there but in cruiser i easy fit between seats could go to nsw in the back between the seats .... more boot space more leg room in front ..... no hill came close to slowing me down and im getting similar figures that i get in prado with prado working very hard so far im happy
Time will tell but out of all cars i could have picked this seems the strongest and powerfull
The bigger the van the bigger fule bill too
I only have the standed suspension but seems to be ok for now
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How did you solve the tow hitch height issue? Close up pic?