Journey 2018 Journey Deluxe OB 17.55-9


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Feb 24, 2013
So after a couple of years with the 17.58-3 Starcraft we decided to sell it and get a van with a bit more room by having the kids sleep in their swags which they love. I had always been a fan of the single bed layout and how it makes better use of the space in a van and decided on the Journey DX 17.55-9 which we had already seen @chartrock 's van and loved it. We did look at the 19ft full van Journeys but with a tare pushing 2.3t knew we would be asking too much of the Triton and couldn't afford to upgrade both.
The new van will come off the line in May. We originally wanted it for July but brought it forward when the Starcraft sold so quickly.
We haven't ordered a lot of extras with this van as it has a lot of things that were options with the Starcraft as standard, we have gone with
- Extended drawbar
- Drop down picnic table
- Leather (real cow not plastic)
- Water filter to sink
- Extra 100ah battery
- Upgrade solar to 160w
- Deleted microwave for cupboard
Things that were standard were Jcontroller, wind up tv ariel, roof air, large fridge, 22"tv, smooth walls, furion stereo.
Because we sold our whole setup with the Starcraft we have since purchased a new Hayman Reese WDH, McHitch and ordered a new Australia Wide Annexe. We will get a new Stonestomper as well when we get the van and can measure it up. I will also be installing a diesel heater and Sirocco fans.
Now I just have to play the waiting game............
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