water heater

  1. Duncanblake36

    17' Series Therm Water Heater for Heating Van

    Hi Guys, Apparently these are the next best thing. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SWIFT-ECO-THERM-HEATER-FOR-CARAVANS-AND-MOTOR-HOMES-/123057633854?hash=item1ca6ce7a3e I like these better than the diesel heaters but not sure on how good they are. Anyone have one? Cheers
  2. Macropod

    20' Series Truma AquaGo.....Finally I can shave in the shower !

    So I bought a van that devoted significant real estate to a separate shower only to find that firstly you had to wait 15 minutes from the previous persons shower before you could be guaranteed some sort of hot water experience. Even then - unless you ran the shower at dribble speed, you never...